Let's help. Sometimes it's bigger than your own plans.

We recently launched a hospitality division and had bulk packs of the classic glass candles ready to go in all collection scents. We had great plans that are now on hold. But that's ok. It's only a small part of our business and it can wait. For now, we'd like to use these candles to help the industry they were destined to serve.


We've unbundled our hospitality packs and selling the unpackaged glass candles for R190.  50% of proceeds will be donated to restaurants to pay staff. The candles are perfect quality, made to the same standard and recipe as our boxed glass candles.


Please join us in showing our support & hopefully keeping food on the table for some hardworking hospitality staff who will benefit from our donation. Follow our journey on Instagram to see how much we manage to raise and where it ends up. 

We have over 1000 candles to sell. If you can, please think about stocking up to support our local restaurants.