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Wick fragrances

Car Diffuser // Magnetic Case

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A discreet carrier of scent that easily attaches to any car vent. The diffuser casing contains a reusable blank insert. Apply WICK fragrance oil to the insert to add scent.

*Fragrance oil sold separately.


4cm x 4cm | Includes magnetic casing and unscented insert


Remove the blank insert and apply a few drops of WICK fragrance oil. Once fully absorbed, place back into the diffuser unit. Attach to an air conditioning vent for airflow. Allow a few days for fragrance to build, creating a subtle aroma within the car interior. Once fragrance subsides, top up with oil to boost aroma.

WARNING: Dripping fragrance oil can damage the car interior and the magnetic casing. Ensure fragrance oil is used sparingly, and is fully absorbed into the blank insert before use. We can only guarantee results when using WICK fragrance oils.