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Wick fragrances

Ceramic Diffuser Set

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The Pillar

The WICK scent diffuser is a triumph of function & style, delivering a subtle, consistent source of home fragrance from our signature ceramic pillar. The pillar is paired with a solid beech wood base to protect surfaces from oil spills.

The secret to diffusion lies in the combination of the porous ceramic pillar & specially formulated WICK Fragrance Oils. Once scent is added, expect subtle fine fragrance to gently waft around your space for months to come. The pairing creates long-lasting scent diffusion with no heat required. 

* The use of alternative fragrance oils is not recommended. 

Directions for Use

By saturating the pillar with fragrance oil in the first few days, you'll build a strong base that releases slowly & consistently into the surrounding area. The scent will continue to intensify over time.

  • Drop 1 pipette full of WICK fragrance oil onto the flat top side of the ceramic pillar. Allow to absorb & continue with the next dose. 
  • Add up to 15ml of the fragrance oil in the first week to saturate with scent.
  • The fragrance oil will absorb & the pillar will appear completely dry. You will start to notice an intensifying of scent in the surrounding area around day 4.
  • Thereafter, top up as required to boost aroma.
  • Only intended for use with the WICK fragrance oil formulation.
  • You can repurchase fragrance oil to keep scenting the pillar for years to come. 
  • The pillars are handmade from natural materials. Slight variance in product colour can be expected with the use of darker oils.

Best For

  • Subtle, consistent fragrance release. No heat or electricity required.
  • Works well in bathrooms, bedrooms, small spaces, closed office areas & reception areas.
  • The scent will not be enough to fill large open plan spaces, but will become noticeable when in closer proximity to the diffuser.

Cleaning The Pillar

If you notice a build up of dust & dirt over time, you can clean the pillar by soaking in hot water and gently wiping the surface with a soft sponge.  This will also remove some of the scent. Only clean if necessary. Do not use soap. This could potentially seal the diffuser & prevent scent absorption.

Whilst we recommend the use of only one fragrance per pillar, you can also use this process if you would like to change scents. Cleaning will not completely remove all traces of the previous scent, but will significantly reduce the original fragrance.

       The Details

      Pillar 10cm x 5.5cm |  Base 12cm | Scent lasts up to 6 months per bottle of fragrance oil |  Handmade in Cape Town 

      *Unique variations are inherent in handmade products made from natural materials.