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Classic Glass Candle // Solid Refills

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The Refills

We're committed to creating a brand that supports sustainable, accessible luxury. By encouraging a refill culture, we hope to make the burning of your favourite scent a more sustainable ritual.

Our solid refills are made from the same quality ingredients as the original candles. The offer the same scent throw & burn time. 

How to Use

Unwrap the refill and insert directly into an existing WICK glass candle vessel. Ensure the vessel is completely clean, dry and free of any dust or debris.

Follow regular candle burning & safety instructions. Do not attempt to burn outside of the container. Only intended for use in the WICK glass candle vessel.

The Details

35 Hours Burn Time | Net Wt.  200g | Single Cotton Wick

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A finite commitment to absolute quality & small batch production reflects in the experience of burning our scented candles.

How to Clean your Vessel

Carefully scrape any residual wax from the glass into the bin. Add dishwashing liquid to the glass and fill with hot water. If the water is boiling, temper the glass first by adding a small amount of hot water and swirling. Adding boiling water directly to the glass could crack the vessel. Leave to soak. Use a scouring sponge to gently scrub the inside. The heat & soap will loosen residual wax & the metal wick holder. Wipe with a glass cleaner to fully clean the vessel if needed.