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Hospitality Glass Candles // 12 Pack

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The Set

A set of 12 classic glass candles. One scent per pack.

The Candle

A classic everyday candle, handmade with the real fragrance lover in mind.

Watch as a single cotton wick lights up the room, whilst generous wafts of fine fragrance slowly envelop the space.

Usage Instructions

One candle will effectively scent a small room, area or bathroom stall.  Always burn for 4 hours at a time. Light at least 30 minutes before scent will start to throw. Scent peaks at around 2 hrs.

If burning for longer than 4-5 hours at a time. Blow out the candle cycle with another candle in the set.  Allow to completely cool, centre wicks and TRIM wicks before burning. This will dramatically improve burn time and scent throw & total burn time.

The Details

12x classic glass candles | 12x 35 Hours Burn Time | 12x Net Wt. 200 g  ℮ | Single Cotton Wick | 8cm x 8cm x 7cm  | Hand poured in Cape Town

An absolute commitment to quality & small batch production reflects in the experience of burning our scented candles