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Hospitality Wax Melts // 6 Pack

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The Set

A set of 6 scented wax melts. One scent per set.

The Melts

Our clean-burning wax melts releases generous wafts of fine fragrance when gently heated over a wax melter. The melts are set into solid bar, which can be broken into 16 individual blocks for ease of use.

Usage Instructions

Start with 2-4 blocks at a time depending on room size & desired intensity.  Top up scent with additional blocks (1-3 at a time) every 3 hours.

You will smell when all fragrance has evaporated.  If fragrance remains, leave to cool and harden. The wax can be reheated and topped up with fresh blocks to boost aroma. 

The Details

Net Wt. 120 g ℮  | 2-3 hrs Burn Time per Block | 16 Blocks per Slab | 10cm x 10cm x 1.8cm | Hand poured in Cape Town

An absolute commitment to quality & small batch production reflects in the experience of using our melts.