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WICK fragrances


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“ Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Lungile epitomises this thinking. Her tenacity in getting her small business started is awe-inspiring.

Lungile was working as a security officer until the pandemic struck and her contract was terminated. She immediately lost her only source of income used to support herself and her family.

Refusing to resort to begging, she turned to the gruelling work of recycling to bring in some kind of small income.

She starting picking up alucans, (R15 per kg), boxes, (R1 per kg), white papers (R2 per kg) and clear containers from discarded cold drinks (R3 per kg). The heavy recycling loads were physically taxing.

The recycling money was just enough to get by. Priotising soap and bread to survive,  Lungile lived on almost nothing. Despite a limited income, she still managed to save R5 every Sunday. That R5 was her capital. The money she needed to start a business for a better life.

The Sunday savings eventually added up. Lungile slowly started buying stock of essential items and reselling it.

She now sells a selection of chips, sweets, masks, toilet paper and other essentials. She returns to collecting recycling to raise funds whenever needed.

Lungile is proud to say that she is now able to save R5 a day.


Lungile embodies the spirit of a fighter. Pulling herself out of potential hunger and homelessness by starting small with the only things she had to offer - her time and commitment. Using what little she had to save, she did what she could to create a business opportunity.  She is a shining example of putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how slowly, to build success from nothing.


Lungile will use the donation capital to grow her stock, and in turn,  her business. A natural born saver, this cash injection will be put to absolute maximum use in supporting her already successful endeavours.