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Wick fragrances

WH Sale | Reed Diffuser // Morocco // 100 ml

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WAREHOUSE SALE: This item is part of our factory outlet sale. Items may have varying degrees of aesthetic defect or missing/ damaged packaging. All products will be in safe & usable condition. Strictly no exchange or return on sale items.


Get lost in the mystery of this intoxicating amber floral. Notes of orange zest, lemon, pepper, iris, saffron and rose, are set against a deep amber accord of cedar, vetiver, papyrus and liquid amber. 

Warm, woodsy and slightly spiced with an eloquent floral heart, this scent will fill a room with a haze of decadent luxury.


Invite your signature scent into your space with this decorative, minimalist reed diffuser. The diffuser will release subtle, consistent wafts of fine fragrance for up to 3 weeks. All done? No problem, top up with the diffuser refills.


Remove the seal and insert the 5 reeds provided. Allow a few days for reeds to absorb the diffuser oil and to begin releasing scent into the surrounding area. Flip reeds regularly to boost scent diffusion.

The reed diffuser lasts up to 3 weeks depending on the storage environment, number of reeds used, and frequency with which the reeds are flipped.


We recommend replacing reeds every 3- 6 months to reduce clogging. If scent fades but oil remains, consider replacing the reeds. They may be clogged with dust.

The room temperature will affect scent throw. Warmer rooms will release more scent, creating a stronger throw. This will also deplete diffuser oil more quickly. Using more reeds will increase scent throw, whilst fewer reeds will create a more subtle aroma. Add or remove reeds according to preference. Avoid placing your reed diffuser near heat sources like radiators, heaters or fireplaces. Direct sunlight can damage the diffuser oil, making it discolour and breaking down the integrity of the fragrance.


100 ml    |  5cm x 8cm  | 5 x 20cm reeds

Hand blended & poured in Cape Town

WARNING: Store out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands after handling oil or reeds. Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not heat or burn diffuser oil. Spilling onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces can result in damage.