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Complimentary Scent Sample // 5 Star Spice

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Discover your signature home fragrance with our complimentary scent samples.

Hand blended in our Cape Town studio, and available for you to discover at home. Each sample contains a scented card, sealed in a zipseal bag to maintain fragrance quality.

Kindly note that complimentary samples are limited to one per customer.

5 Star Spice

Comforting notes of deep vanilla and cinnamon are balanced by the exotic earthiness of cedarwood and wood spice. The rare beauty of the lotus flower heightens the senses. We’d forgive you for feeling like you’d been whisked away to a 5-star hotel in a balmy, oriental location. This passionate finer fragrance is perfect for every space.

Top Note: Wood Spice
Heart Notes: Lotus Flower // Cedarwood
Base Notes: Deep Vanilla // Cinnamon

Scent Profile: Warm // Oriental // Spicy