We are Creators of Soulful Scent

From our studio in Cape Town, we use the the world's finest fragrance oils to craft sophisticated scents for contemporary living. Scents that are subtle yet surprising. Scents that create a soulful sensory experience. 


We are Admirers of Fragrance as an Expression of Personality & Style

We’re believers in the ability of a scent to add dimension to a space, to spark a memory, to fill the air with an almost tangible aura & instant ambience.

We are Lovers of Minimalism

A simple philosophy underlies all that we create:

"Maximalist Scent. Minimalist Design"

We favour minimalist product design that blends function & style, leaving our unique scents & product formulations to do the heavy lifting.

We are Artisanal Makers

Our products are handmade, hand blended and hand poured by the hands of hard working artisans who take pride in their craft. 

Throughout every scent blend & artisanal product is an absolute commitment to quality. We don't compromise on our ingredients or manufacturing processes. We believe the quality of our raw materials & small batch production reflects in the experience of using our products.