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"I have never been disappointed"

With their use of high-quality ingredients, I have never been disappointed. And I am fussy. I light a WICK candle every single day, have a car fragrance diffuser and now proudly wear their Night Call perfume, which is not only complex but also exquisite on my skin.

Alicia Koch

"I can't believe it's taken me so long"

My boyfriend thinks every candle I buy smells like soap. Today my order of White Shirt arrived. After 10mins of burning, he came out of the study and asked if I has bought a new candle, because the smell was amazing. I can't believe it’s taken me so long to find this scent. We are both in love!

Tracey Swanepoel

"Top shelf fragrance, top shelf people."

A brand is only as successful as the people behind it, and when you have high quality people, you have high quality products. When you're done interacting with any one of the lovely ladies, your day is just a little bit better.

Ridhaa Kamaldien

"So much more than a product"

What started off as a simple purchase of "nice candles", resulted in such an amazing journey - an adventure I never expected. WICK is so much more than a product, and with their brilliant service delivery,  extraordinary scents and clear passion for their craft, they are miles ahead within the industry.

Adele Venter

"Niche in style, but accessible and fun"

Proudly South African brand, understated elegant packaging, and two evocative perfumes, niche in style, but accessible and fun. I loved the concept and backstory that fits in perfectly with the olfactory experiences of both "Night Call" and "Reine du Volcan". Night and Day maybe, but both love and delight!

Johano Botha

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