Using the world's finest fragrance oils, we craft sophisticated scent for contemporary living. Scents that are subtle yet surprising. Scents that create a s soulful sensory experience.

  • Dr. Shawn Travis

    Being a fragrance junkie & having tons of experience with multiple fragrances, WICK has completely surpassed any of my expectations.

    Living spaces being strongly scented for me are a top priority. I am awestruck by the quality of products as well as the long-lasting redolence that lingers for hours. The wax melts, mist sprays & candles are the favourites. They are incredibly potent.

  • Suskia Harris

    WICK has changed the entire atmosphere in our home. It started out with a diffuser and 5 Star Spice fragrance oil. Which evolved into me converting my linen cupboard into a candle storage facility.

    WICK oozes luxury and opulence. The scent throw from their products is so intense and lingers for days. Dealing with the team is always a fabulous experience, they go out of their way to make you feel like their number one client.

  • Adele Venter

    What started off as a simple purchase of "nice candles", resulted in such an amazing journey - an adventure that my senses never expected. WICK is so much more than a product, and with their brilliant service delivery,  extraordinary scents and clear passion for their craft - They are without a doubt miles ahead within the industry. Everyone should get to experience WICK at least once, and once you do ... you will never look back.