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Perfume Bracelet // Gold

Perfume Bracelet // Gold

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The perfect perfume accessory, crafted from finely woven vegan leather and stainless steel. The bracelet is provided with two reusable scent stones. Just add your signature fragrance. 


Unscrew the hardware from the side. Remove the scent stone. Scent generously with your choice of perfume, on a flat, protected surface. Allow to fully absorb. We recommend repeating this process twice on the first use.

Once dry to the touch, place the scented stone back into the bracelet and screw tightly shut. Adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist size. The stone will emit subtle fragrance throughout the day. Top up as required to boost aroma.

The bracelet is designed to give off subtle scent for a few days. The strength of the scented stone will depend on the strength of perfume used. To clean, soak the stone in hot water, leave to dry and re-scent. If using the same fragrance, there is no need to clean the stone.


Vegan leather strap | Stainless steel hardware | Adjustable | This product is zinc & alloy free

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children and and pets. Do not submerge bracelet in water.

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