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WICK fragrances

Box of Black Reeds // 20 x 25cm

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A little black box of 20 reeds. Use to freshen up your diffuser once reeds become clogged, or as additional reeds to enhance scent throw.


Insert clean reeds into the diffuser and allow a few days to absorb diffuser oil and to begin releasing scent into the surrounding area. Flip reeds regularly to boost scent diffusion.


We recommend replacing reeds every 3- 6 months to reduce clogging. If scent fades but oil remains, consider replacing the reeds. They may be clogged with dust.

Using more reeds will increase scent throw, whilst fewer reeds will create a more subtle aroma. Add or remove reeds according to preference. 


20 x 25cm black fibre reeds

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands after handling oil on reeds. Do not light reeds.