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Reed Diffuser Refill // White Shirt // 200 ml

Reed Diffuser Refill // White Shirt // 200 ml

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Amber, patchouli and rich white sandalwood are brought together in a magnificently crafted, androgynous scent. Sure of itself, and quietly confident. Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn in by its mysterious depth and left lingering on the whisper of a soft, powdery finish. Sophisticated? We‘d say so.


Keep inviting generous wafts of fine fragrance into your space with our reed diffuser refills. Using the very same formulation as our original reed diffusers, the refill oil delivers robust and consistent fine fragrance. We recommend replacing reeds when refilling for optimal results.


Remove the cap and use a small funnel to pour oil into an existing diffuser vessel, being careful not to spill. Insert clean reeds and allow a few days for reeds to absorb the diffuser oil to begin releasing scent. You will notice an immediate drop in the oil level. This will slow down as the reeds saturate with oil. Flip reeds to boost scent as required.


We recommend replacing reeds every 3- 6 months to reduce clogging. If scent fades but oil remains, consider replacing the reeds. They may be clogged with dust.

Room temperature will affect scent throw. Warmer rooms will release more scent, creating a stronger throw. This will also deplete diffuser oil more quickly. Using more reeds will increase scent throw, whilst fewer reeds will create a more subtle aroma. Add or remove reeds according to preference. Avoid placing your reed diffuser near heat sources like radiators, heaters or fireplaces. Direct sunlight can damage the diffuser oil, making it discolour and breaking down the integrity of the fragrance.


200 ml    |  5 cm x 13. 5 cm    

Hand blended & poured in Cape Town

WARNING: Store out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Wash hands after handling oil or reeds. Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not heat or burn diffuser oil. Spilling onto polished, painted, plastic or leather surfaces can result in damage.

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